I stare at birds

…sometimes just the feathery kind.

I caught these industrious little fellas with my point-and-shoot building nests over the weekend at a game farm. I had to photograph some animal life, since we had foregone the opportunity to go on a game drive, being a trifle hung over from the previous night’s rock concert.

Don’t ask me what species these are; I’m no ornithologist. If anyone recognizes them, please let me know.

5 thoughts on “I stare at birds

  1. That would be some type of finch; I have the same one’s in my front yard. If you google finch, you would be able to quickly find out the exact subfamily.

    I have a lot of fever trees in which they build their nests, which is great, but they are actually quite aggressive and destroy each other’s nests, which results in a big ass mess.

  2. It is a type of finch. Most likely a species of weaver bird judging from the nest it’s building. My guess is, looking at the black face, it’s probably the southern masked weaver bird.

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