Why don’t you get a job?

They’re back at the intersections asking motorists for money to help pay for their holidays…

It happens every year now. High school kids (possibly also college kids) having completed year-end papers, gather in groups, usually in some eye-catching outfit, collecting money from what they hope will be pliable motorists.

Why don’t you guys get a job like I had to when I finished a school year? It’s not like we’re asking you to join a chain gang or anything. Any part-time job will do.

30 Years Ago (give or take a couple of days)

I caught a glimpse in some publication or the other that the re-release of Do They Know It’s Christmas had caused some controversy, but I wasn’t bothered enough to read further. It seems to me that just about everything will cause consternation in some quarter or the other.

This blog post however sums everything up quite nicely…


On November 24th, 1984, a bunch of pop stars got together and recorded a song. There was a famine happening in Ethiopia, and this guy, the lead singer and songwriter of a band out of Ireland, was more than a little staggered that very little seemed to be happening to address what was going on.

He got in touch with a mate, the lead singer and songwriter of a band out of Scotland, and the two of them threw together- not overnight, but close- a tune and some lyrics.

Were the lyrics, perhaps, a little Western-centric and culturally-condescending? Arguably, yes. Was the song catchy and well-intentioned? Definitely. In my opinion, such as it is, anyway.

The two musicians then set about gathering up the biggest names in the British music business of the day and bringing them all together to record the song. All this, like the composition of theā€¦

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