Waltzing through the week

I’ve just had a truly relaxed weekend. Did nothing, nada, niks; just listened to some classical music and then did some more of that diddly squat.

I did find something though, that I’d been meaning to listen to for some time. I remember it as Dmitri Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite No. 2 from the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut, but apparently that’s quite incorrect. The version made famous by the film is supposed to be known as Suite For Variety Orchestra, Waltz No. 2.

This was not, in my opinion, a great send-off for Kubrick. He died a few months before the film’s release in 1999. I think Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman may have had something to do with that. No, not Kubrick’s death; the not-so-good film.

However, I did find a cello-only arrangement that is just awesome. Get a load of this:

I’m so chilled right now, I could waltz through the rest of this week…

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