God wants a piece of my ass

Oh. My. Fraud…

A friend found the Metal folder yesterday that I keep skipping on the memory stick that’s been playing in my car for a while now. She figured it would be nice to listen to some really hard stuff after the piano/cello/clarinet recital we’d just been to in Westcliff, Johannesburg. I decided to let it continue playing today while I was driving to work – nothing like some heavy metal to liven up a Monday morning and get you prepared to face a shitty start to the working week.

Anyway, I came across My Ruin, an alternative metal band fronted by Tairrie B and Mick Murphy (these days at least). Tairrie B is one bad-ass vocalist; she’s certainly no shrinking violet. I can still hear that 1999 hit Terror playing and it gives me goose bumps:

I strike terror among men.
I can’t be bothered by what they think.
I bare my cross,
My soul,
I forgive,
but I never forget.
I’ve been put upon this earth in female form.
But I can handle myself with the best of you,
As well as the worst.
And I often have.
I have the right to remain silent,
But I choose to speak…

But I digress. The song playing this morning was Blasphemous Girl. Get a handle on these opening lyrics:

Drunk with sin she sits in her skin,
Filled with anger fueled by liquer drowns in dreams
With no saviour from the truth none can save her
He is her own personal Jesus and he will not be her last
God wants a piece of her ass
God wants a piece of my ass…

But you know what? I really admire that. We need more Tairrie B’s in the music world. Check out these closing lines:

torture me with timelessness
worship my first with every kiss
resurrection of my pain drag me down our memory lane
introduce me to devotion
leave me numb with no emotion
stars surround you when I feel you
you look better when I cannot see you…
looks good on you but liar should be your tattoo

Who do you think she’s referring to? Does my opening line make any sense now?