Why doesn’t he just die!

I’ve been wondering… and that usually means irreverent thoughts.

Our President has been in hospital. Today he was released… to continue plaguing his subjects. Yeah, subjects. I’m positive he thinks no less of us. My Monday is ruined.

So I was wondering. Why doesn’t he just die. It will mean a lot less heartache for everyone, including the few good people still left in his party. They won’t have to throw him out on his ass, which is an absolute necessity if his party means to rule until Jesus comes, as his accomplices are so fond of reminding us… subjects.

Is that cruel? Really? Death would be a kindness, even to his own revolting presence. Sure, the possibility exists that his replacement will be worse. But hey, at this point, I’m willing to take that chance, and I’m pretty sure many others are too.

South Africa deserves better. We have been through so much already. We really can’t survive another five years of el Presidente’s rule.

Satan if you really exist, please clean up your crap.

5 thoughts on “Why doesn’t he just die!

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  2. What a sad thing to say Lenny – are you saying apartheid is better?
    I know you are not, but I was just playing your game to undermine the truth.
    As an atheist, and now finally realising humans make lousy leaders you have no options left but live in fear. But DON”T worry, hope is more powerful than fear, And hope comes from FAITH – we have a leader we look to and all FEAR is vanquished.
    You should try it – not Hinduism – I know you are an x-Hindu and got a little burnt and are now worse than an x-smoker – you gave up so everyone else has too.
    By the way a recent post of yours I accidently deleted before reading it all, said something like religion stifled science and referred to some not believing evolution. Again I MUST remind you of a FACT you clearly choose to ignore – EVOLUTION was proposed by DARWIN, now buried in Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and the BIG Bang Theory was proposed by Georges Lemaître, a catholic priest – nether of which lost their faith over their discoveries. Who stifles science dear boy?
    When you wake up you will discover (as I did) the people with the most closed minds are the atheists scientists that use these borrowed theories to attempt to undermine faith – they have to because anything different would only undermine them and their egos would be hurt. What planet are you on – LENNY’S PLANET! Wake up Lenny! Smell the roses – (not an accident of evolution, but a wonderful creation of GOD!)

    • Graham,

      What truth am I undermining? Zuma dying would be the possible solution to a lot of nasty problems for South Africa. Why mince Words?

      And as I’ve stated before, you and many others have a patent misunderstanding of evolution. Since you’ve managed to convince yourself that your beliefs about evolution are true, I guess I should just leave you to them, then. I see now that for, you holding comfortable beliefs is more important than the truth.

      You can assert as much rubbish as you want about evolution, it will not change the fact

    • By the way Graham, I’m writing these responses from my hospital bed, recuperating from a successful operation to remove my gall bladder. No prayer or grovelling before a deity was required. Science dear boy, all science.

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