In a rich man’s world…

While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery. – Groucho Marx

I’ve been listening to If I Were a Rich Man from the musical Fiddler on the Roof repeatedly since last week, and it just makes the smile on my face wider each time (if that’s possible).

But onto slightly more serious business…

Reading through the lyrics of the Abba hit Money, Money Money, one would think that we don’t live in a rich man’s world. But we do!

Only thing is, we will always be the outsiders looking in. I imagine that it must not be easy to make it onto the Forbes Billionaires List. They listed 1645 billionaires last month which I think must have grown since then. If you were on the list and moved down to mere Millionaire status, WTF is wrong with you? I can’t possibly see how you can not be constantly moving up the list because as they say “It takes money to make money.”

I look at this list of people with a certain amount of admiration because according to Forbes, about two-thirds made their own fortune while only 13% inherited it. And one can’t really look down on those who inherit wealth, because it’s really not their fault being born into a rich family. If they use inherited wealth wisely and grow it, I for one have no qualms about it.

The list however does exclude royal families and dictators, both different class of thieves. But I really only have a problem with the latter class because being born into royalty could be viewed the same as being born into a normal rich family. Unless off course they’re a royal pain in the ass and rule their kingdoms brutally like common dictators do.

Naturally, I do harbour a certain bit of envy because I know realistically that I will never make the Forbes Billionaire List, let alone the Millionaire List. And I’m not even going to try…

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