Electric Lights and Time Warps

Nothing wrong with a little nostalgia for the Valentine’s weekend…

And so the girls and I started it off in style on Friday night by attending the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) concert at Emperors Palace. These guys can still rock. The all-female string section was amazing too. They had us dancing in the isles and singing along to familiar tunes such as The Diary of Horace Wimp:

Later, it was back to the hood for more late-night moonlight (yes, a full moon) dancing like hippies.

Saturday saw us at a superb performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And the Time Warp of course:

Seeing quite a few of the other attendees in full drag kind of made me regret not daring to go the full monty. All I could risk was being draped in feathers. Maybe next time…

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