The best possible way to start a new work week is with calmness and serenity. However that’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, especially when having to face that dreaded Monday.

Music normally does the trick for me. I’m talking classy music here, not that dreadful pop variety that the young crowd fill their heads with these days. You know the “artists” I’m referring to. Usually guitar rhythms works a treat, but sometimes I need something more substantial.

And new age or world music fits the bill quite nicely. If it’s from another culture or ethnicity entirely different from my own, all the better. That’s where Shakuhachi comes in.



Shakuhachi are wind-blown instruments that produce a haunting melody. Originally introduced from China into Japan in the 8th century, they are traditionally made from the root end of bamboo plant.

One of my choice pieces featuring the Shakuhachi is by Uttara Kuru, titled Wings of the Eagle. Have a listen:

So here’s my proposal: when you want someone to calm the fuck down, just say Shakuhachi. And here’s hoping the rest of your week will be serene.


1 thought on “Shakuhachi

  1. Dear Lenny, I was born and raised in Japan and played shakuhachi for many years. I am creating a new website on world flutes and would like to use your image of the shakuhachi for the home page of my new website, . I am seeking your permission to use this image.

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