Ants marching…

Last night I was attacked in my bed by an ant. She was a big bugga too.. well, compared to the little attack party she was leading. Seems they had crawled under my blanket, waiting to ambush me. Not sure when, or how.

Got the fright of my life when I crept into bed around 1 AM and got this sharp bite (could be a sting; I’m not really sure) on my leg. Throwing the blanket back revealed my attackers – well in truth only the big brute did the attacking while the smaller one’s crawled around aimlessly like little zombies.

I mean what the tiny ant-fuck is up with that? A man is supposed to be a king in his bed. What were they thinking attacking an army of me? I made quick work of that sneaky insect, and wiped his little band of bushwhackers off the face of the bed too. I’m gonna be more careful this evening, just in case there’s a revenge attack. Think I’ll put some pants on for starters…

Anyway, enough about my ant wars. Here’s something less stinging, more melodic. The Dave Matthews Band with a super song.


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