Just Kiss

The self-appointed wardens of the invisible gods are at it again, and they will continue to dictate how you live your life, who you should worship and how not to mention how many times a day or week, how to dress, what to eat and what not, how to copulate, who to associate with or not, and a lot other things too mundane to mention.


This time they don’t want people kissing in public… in Turkey at least. There’s probably other places in the world besides, and it won’t be too hard to guess where.

Brave people in Ankara had to stage a protest this week in defiance at the railway station where a young couple who DARED to kiss in public were admonished. Apparently it’s immoral to kiss in public, but perfectly acceptable to indulge in atrocious acts of violence, in DEFENCE (?) of an invisible god.

I say fuck ’em. Let’s not continue to abide these hypocritical holy men. Let’s all just kiss, wherever the fuck we want.

The time has come to give the kiss of death to the insane ideologies of archaic religions and their holy men.

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