Cheezus Christ! Get That Cheddar Outta My Burger


Some time back I posted a blog about my peculiar eating habits. Here’s another.

I love cheese, but not on foods most people love… like burgers. I can’t stand cheese slices in my burgers. Don’t know why; just find it revolting. I prefer my cheese whole, on its own with wine or as a snack on crackers. I often cut up a block of cheese into little bite-sized cubes with a sprinkling of pepper on top to be enjoyed while watching sport; accompanied by some alcoholic beverage of course.

Th firmer the cheese, the better. I can handle anything with the consistency of a brie, but anything that spreads like mayo is a definite no-no.

I avoid any salad with sprinklings of feta in it. But on pizza, give me loads of it, with mozzarella thrown in too.

I hate omelette with cheese in it. Just the other morning I really felt bad having the girls make one separately for me without any cheese. I did assent to the avocado, although I’d never eaten it in a ommelette before. Wasn’t too bad, but I won’t be making it a habit.

I do like a steak with cheese sauce on the side, but will not touch a cheddar-melt steak. Crazy right?

Can’t think of any more aversions to cheese, so I’ll just leave it right there. Hopefully I won’t find any new ones.

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