The Rape of Morality

And so I got this perplexing question on my Contacts Page from someone by the name of Samuel who prefers to call himself Ghastly:

God Is real how could you not look at something and not see the miracles inside of it? So you are basically saying you can rape someone and be fine because in the end it doesn’t matter.

I’m simply astounded at how he jumped to the conclusion that I’d find rape acceptable because I don’t believe in one of the gods. Why he chose rape instead of one of the other no-no’s like murder or infanticide is not important. What is of concern is the perpetuation of the myth amongst believers, that without some arbitrary god’s absolute standard, there is no basis for good moral judgement and action.

If you examine the logic of Samuel’s belief, he’s basically saying that if there was no god, then he would find it acceptable to rape or act amorally in some other way. That’s totally absurd.

By his reasoning all non-believers are either rapists or potential rapists. He’s intimating that all non-believers are just hanging around waiting for the opportunity to rape someone, and that believers are all saints. That is a patently laughable insinuation where it not so serious and off the mark.

Frans de Waal a primatologist and biology professor at Emory University has conducted extensive research on the behaviour of Bonobo apes and concludes that they have some grasp of morality. While he’s not saying that apes are conclusively moral beings, his research indicates that they have the “basic building blocks” for morality. Professor de Waal also doesn’t reveal if he’s observed any apes worshipping the gods. Have you?

Morality comes from within, not above.

6 thoughts on “The Rape of Morality

  1. Hello Lenny,

    Yes i agree in your point. Nobody is waiting to rape anybody. But still I see some do this act..I have even heard some Christians did this cruel act. I am so sad to hear 😦
    But what do you think about the person who rape or person who kill other people intentionally or people who cheat other purposely and escape from police. Person involves in pornography and people who are drug addict and make others to get spoiled. There are many rich people, where even government cannot take any action against them even knowing the truth. Do you think they will face any punishment? Because you say there is no God so nobody is there to punish. We can easily cheat people around.
    So can this people live like this happily even after doing immoral thing like cheating, lying, killing, raping etc…. ????

    Hope you can’t bring science in here 🙂
    What is your thought bro????

    • Hi Paul

      Anyone who commits such heinous crimes as rape should be dealt with mercilessly by the full might of the law. However many escape punishment and that is life. It was never meant to be fair. The best we can hope for is that most perpetrators get caught and get punished accordingly.

      If mankind relied on the sole jurisdiction of an assumed/imagined higher power, then there would be no need for any sort of law. That would mean that criminals would lead lives free to go on perpetrating crimes until they die and create as many victims as suited them. Do you really want such a crazy world?

      • Lenny,
        I dont see the law in country is good enough to lead the people right. I can see people with lot of corruption but they are living happy and now law could take any action? Do you say its impossible to stop them?
        How are morals came to world? How do we differentiate between good and bad? who taught us? How it came to picture?

        In many countries,they allow pornography as leagal. They allow same sex marriage!! Do you say they all are free to do all this. Since there is no law to punish them??

        • Paul

          The law is not meant to “lead people right.” It is there to protect and serve against the bad elements in society. It is your own responsibility to lead a moral life.

          Pornography and same sex marriage should be legal and people should be allowed the freedom to partake in either. These are not the problem. The fact that you find it easy to lay blame here is indicative that you don’t want to take responsibility for your own actions, but find convenient scapegoats.

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