Spending the long weekend with close family made me realise how much I miss being around them.

I used to think that working and living hundreds of miles away from family was a good thing. Observing other families over the years bickering, fighting and trying their damnedest to wreak havoc on one another’s lives, I thought I was lucky to be isolated from my own. It’s strange how we tend to colour our own lives an unflattering shade by observing others.

However, my infrequent visits over the years did bring me closer to my own family and created very close bonds with them. So in a way it was perhaps a good thing.

I’ve been pretty lucky to have a great bunch of friends – friends who have been my family away from family. And for this, I’ll be eternally grateful.

But now I realise that I miss my family too much and feel the need to be around them more permanently. Perhaps its got something to do with the fact that I’m getting older. Or maybe its got something to do with losing too many family members over the years through death, without getting the opportunity to spend much time with them.

Either way, I feel the time is right to drop everything and go back home…

4 thoughts on “Family

  1. You are right. My relatives lives quite far away. At this moment my father suffered from cancer. And I could not visit him at any time. Must organise it and could not do this very often. My feelings are strong and I want to give him support. But it must by phone.

  2. As eager as I was to leave home (to a different country nogal) and as much as being apart from them has actually improved my relationship with my family in many ways, I’ve already been struggling with being so far away. Not so much homesick as knowing I am missing things. My grandmother passing away last year and I wasn’t there, and I’ve just become so aware of the stretch of time and what it means to be apart.

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