Don’t you notice that the only people still making great music are those who play REAL instruments? All this monotonous electronic drivel is rather nauseating. Seems all you need these days is a pretty voice and a pretty face (men too!)…

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The answer, undoubtedly, is yes.

I have had this argument with my boyfriend a few times, and he just can’t come to accept it. It’s not fair, he said, to compare the music industry as we know it today to the music of the past, because we see all the bad music around us today whereas bad music of past decades has faded out of history and we don’t even know about it today.

This is a good point. However, if you take a cross section of the most popular songs of each decade, you can see from the top five hits of each year how the trend is really going. Take this list for example. It begins in 1946. We have jazz standards, some silly pop songs. Then we move to The Beatles, who, let’s be honest, were some of the finest pop music of the century. In the…

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  1. Yes it has. Pop stars don’t write their music, they don’t play any instruments, they dance stupidly with an ear mic, etc. The really good bands are not on the radio, but are working hard, are underpaid, but love their own music with integrity. Read about one I found that I love. and discover something new for a change. Real instruments and no overproduction (I like it when they leave mistakes in!). – Tamar

  2. I disagree with this. Firstly that pop music has gotten worse because we are seeing pop music through the perspective of time – I think Adam Buckley ( brought up an important point about how we judge music relative to what came before, today, when he said that those of us who hate boy bands etc. today and love The Beatles are being hypocritical because the people who would have been our age now when The Beatles broke out would also have thought it was racket and not worth calling music compared to what they grew up with. I’m no fan of current popular music in the pop/hiphop genres (as that’s the majority of what rises to the top) but there’s some really beautiful electronica that is produced by people who are artists in every right. As a girl who loves folk rock and singer-songwriter type music, my favourite artist is Apparat, an electronic artist. His music moves me as much, if not more than songs with incredible lyrics and beautiful instruments. We might call today’s pop music cheaper or ‘easier’ than what came before, but the ‘worse’ label is playing with subjectivity.

    • Ha, but Apparat’s music can’t be classified as POP. Same as Vangelis. Electronic yes, but not POP. The artists from these groups are also accomplished in playing REAL instruments such as piano and guitar.

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