Mozambique Road Trip – Prelude

Back from another road trip, this time to Mozambique which stretches out on the East coast of Africa, bordering South Africa to the north-east.

On my return to South Africa, I decided to make a day trip into the Kruger National Park, although I’ve been there several times before. For me each experience in the KNP is totally new and it ranks as one of my favorite attractions to visit in South Africa.

I entered through the Crocodile Bridge Gate which is on the south-eastern side of the park near the Mozambique border post through which I had just exited. I caught this picture of birds frolicking in a water bath at the Lower Sabie Rest Camp in the park.

Lower Sabie Rest Camp

I’ll post more photographs and describe some of my experiences, and impressions of Mozambique, over the following weeks.

4 thoughts on “Mozambique Road Trip – Prelude

  1. Really cool pic Lenny. Love to see more. I’ve never been to Kruger National Park, we’re hoping to visit a game reserve in KZN when we come for a visit, any others you’d recommend?

    • Thanks Nessie,

      Busy processing photos; will start posting later today. KZN has quite a few game reserves/parks, but I think the best would be Hluhluwe and the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park. Off course, KNP is the bomb.

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