Keep ’em separated…

You gotta keep’m separated

They’re like the latest fashion
They’re like a spreading disease
The kids are strappin’ on their way to the classroom
Getting weapons with the greatest of ease… COME OUT AND PLAY

Yes, it’s lyrics! Offspring fans will find them instantly recognisable. It comes from the classic hit single Come out and Play released in 1994, off the album Smash. Have a listen:


The Offspring started out as Manic Subsidal way back in 1984. Around 1986, the band changed its name to “The Offspring.” Much nicer, what? And the rest as they say, is history.

Come Out And Play is considered their first major commercial success, and the album Smash holds the record (still, I think) for the most number of copies sold on an independent record label. The Offspring still carry the flag for punk rock to this day, churning out albums at regularish intervals, and don’t look like stopping any time soon.

Come Out And Play, together with Self Esteem from the same album, are not only two of my favorite Offspring songs, but two of my all-time favorite songs.


2 thoughts on “Keep ’em separated…

  1. It’s been a while since I visited your blog so I’m glad I did cause I had to smile when I saw this post. I was only 11 years old when this album released but it became one of my favourites during high school. It would play on my walkman as I painted during art pracs. Self Esteem was my favourite and Why Don’t You Get a Job (which I think came out later) still makes me laugh today 🙂

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