Don’t seek acceptance of your beliefs on Facebook

At some point you may have had the nasty experience of being reprimanded for a status or comment you posted online in Facebook (FB), or drawn into a fiery argument with either one or more other people.

If you haven’t, you’re either very fortunate, amazingly inventive at keeping out of trouble, or just plain boring.

I’ve been very selective about the friendship requests I’ve initiated over the years, which is why they’re probably only a handful – some family and people with a similar outlook on life to my own. All my other FB friends consist of people who have initiated the friendship request themselves, for whatever reason – known friends, family and total strangers. When accepting these friendship requests, I assume that the requester has read my profile and knows what to expect.

At this point I should declare that in total, I have less than 110 FB friends – a number which is likely to dwindle further if they bother to read this post.

Like me, you probably have a fairly large percentage of FB friends who are relatively inactive. I have some who may have fallen off the planet. I do have a core group of FB friends who post regularly, usually about the most mind-blowing stuff. Not surprisingly these are the FB friends who have similar interests, and a similar outlook on life. And even though we don’t agree about everything on a fairly regular basis, we still maintain a modicum of civility in our online discussions and arguments.

Anyway, enough of setting the scene; back to the reason for this rant.

We all post stuff on FB that may or may not be agreeable with the public that have access to our timelines. I’m no less guilty than anyone else. That is a risk we take, especially if we have a collection of FB friends from a widely disparate background. FB is a public platform and the responses you’re likely to elicit, may not all be to your liking. Indeed, to expect acceptance or approval of your post from everyone else would be highly conceited, not to mention delusional.

We live in a world in which our understanding of how things work is far removed from that of our early ancestors, whose primitive ideas, amazingly still persist in the face of this new knowledge. It is commonly accepted by all enlightened people that we should all work to eradicate all the archaic detritus that still fouls the modern world.

So when FB friends get ticked off over world-wise comments I post to their status, it comes as a great big shock to me, especially when they are the one’s who solicited my friendship in the first instance. Let me make it very clear:


If you can’t handle the response, rebuke, or criticism from your FB friends, take your idea where insular thinking is tolerated. If you’re expecting everyone to rubber-stamp your belief system, get real.

The real reason for this rant:

I’ll admit I may have been a little arrogant…


3 thoughts on “Don’t seek acceptance of your beliefs on Facebook

  1. Everybody has a few nutters man!

    I just tend to delete the heavy religious posters. My argument is that i don’t post excessively aggressive anti religious posts (Mainly due to having a very religious family), and then you don’t send me praise allah. jebus or whoever messages and don’t expect me to keep you as a friend when you post how wonderful they are every morning.

    When i do post something with anti religious undertones, and someone does want to argue, it’s fine, but no logical fallacies and no praying for me.

    But i agree with you that if you are going to post your beliefs on facebook don’t expect everyone to accept you beliefs and not criticise.

    Nice article btw.

    • Hey Ruan,

      I have a seriously religious family too, and some of them have challenged some of my posts – unfortunately with said logical fallacies. But I do love an argument…

  2. I feel your frustrations, man. Sometimes I’m not sure what the point of having a Facebook profile anymore is. Half the people I block from my feed so I don’t have to witness their stream of inanity – cause I know if I see it, I’ll want to comment and it’ll be the same shitstorm every time. It’s actually the same reason why I don’t post stuff about atheism etc. very often – I know some asshat will try to challenge me with some played out theory and I’ll be wasting my breath responding. Sometimes I think the only friends worth spending time with online are the ones you meet online… but that may just be my friend circle.

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