When was the last time you attempted a jigsaw puzzle?

Jigsaw puzzles! Remember those?

When was the last time you attempted to put together a jigsaw puzzle, if ever? As a kid I loved them, especially those 1000-piece challenges. I still remember spending many hours fitting pieces together, a lot of which was spent wrangling with my brother over which piece fitted where.

The closest I’ve come to jigsaw puzzles in nearly 40 years is when disinterestedly passing by those puzzle boxes on toy store shelves. Oh, there was this one time – can’t remember when – I saw a completed puzzle framed and hanging on a wall in someone’s home. I’m pretty certain they bought it in that condition.

I’m guessing that jigsaw puzzles are not very popular with kids, or even adults, these days. Video games and other err… online activities, have all but killed this pastime that once ruled the roost. It’s not surprising therefore that there is a proliferation of websites that offer online jigsaw puzzles. But I’m unconvinced they offer the same excitement or challenge as the real thing.

I suppose there are avid jigsaw enthusiasts somewhere in the world, maybe even clubs, but it seems they’re keeping it all very secretive.

At my age, I think spending some time away from the Interwebs, working on real jigsaw puzzles may be very therapeutic. In fact, I read somewhere that this activity is useful in keeping both the brain active, and Alzheimer’s at bay.

But just in case you’re not convinced, here’s an online puzzle that will either get you hooked, make you want the real thing, or shun puzzles in disgust. I’m hoping you’ll yearn for the real thing – the 1000-piece beauty that you can touch and feel.

Click to Mix and Solve

[Click on the Play button to attempt this online puzzle]

3 thoughts on “When was the last time you attempted a jigsaw puzzle?

  1. I hardly ever solve real jigsaw puzzles, but I quite enjoy solving the animal, nature and space jigsaw puzzles from this site on my computer. Initially, I found it a bit difficult to rotate the puzzle pieces with the mouse (despite having read the Online instructions), but after a while I got the hang of it. Thank you, for putting them on your site!

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