Abaya urrrrgghhh!

It was pretty hot today. The climate control in my car was at full tilt.  It was therefore a little disconcerting, gazing in my rear-view mirror at two women in those black tent-like outfits, riding in an older-model car that obviously did not have the same comforts.

I could not tell if they were comfortable or happy; all I could see were their eyes through a rectangular slit cut in the headdress which formed part of the ensemble known as an abaya, traditionally worn by Moslem women.

I resisted thinking about what they had on underneath and failed. I hope it was nothing because perhaps that would have made them slightly less hot. I really don’t know; I have never tried wearing a shapeless tent-like outfit before.

At this point, I know there will be those who will accuse me of being disrespectful towards the Islamic religion. Well…. I’m being no more insolent towards Islam, than I’m towards every other religion; I have the same loathing for all religions. Don’t take it personally.

This is not about your religion; well not entirely. It’s about the women who are affected by it. Maybe I’m presumptuous, but I can’t imagine any women willingly dressing up in tent-like outfits on a hot day. I’m not saying it does not have practical applications in some parts of the world; it just seems so impractical and silly on a hot day in this part of the world.

Women would have to be absolutely terrified of the maker of such a dehumanizing religious law, not to mention the cruel earthly guardians self-appointed to enforce it. That would be about the only reason for dressing up like that, apart from dementia and a bad case of self-loathing.

Women’s beauty is meant to be shown off and celebrated. It’s meant to be enjoyed by both men and women alike. I just can’t abide any archaic law that prevents me from savouring the beauty and form that makes up a women.

Women have a right to live with freedom and dignity. She should not tolerate any god or man who would take that away from her, lest she be prepared to live in mental and physical slavery for the rest of her life.

3 thoughts on “Abaya urrrrgghhh!

  1. Your a twat. These women chose to wear it because of the knowledge that they have. Have you ever researched a religion properly? Like Islam, for example? I didn’t think so. You are a puny spec in this world and your a fool for not thinking beyond this world. Who created you? Is your ancestral mother an ape? Why are you here? To live your life and then die, like everyone else? How long will these cycle go on for? You have a creator, you’re just too ignorant to realise it. You should read more. Think about all of the evil in your life…what does it consist of? Where does it come from?

    Heart ache, divorce, adultry, abortion, sexual abuse, emptiness, STD’s

    Everything destructive in your life comes from your desires and evils, want to know how to make a change? Acknowledge your creator.

    • Hi Iknow,

      This twat assumes that you’re male. You would have to be.You’re so presumptious about what women like and know. For your information, I’m widely read, very widely. I have read through a few religious texts [not all of it mind you – I do so treasure my sanity], the bible and koran being among them. But unlike you, I choose to treat them as the fiction they so obviously are.

      “Think about all of the evil in your life…” Presuming again! How religious of you! I really don’t have any evil in my life. Oh wait! I have a sweet tooth. That’s so devilish, isn’t it?

      Now how about you doing a little more reading; just make sure it isn’t more fiction…

  2. Steve Carell
    {There’s a lot of news referring to m.i.a. going round right now|I’ve heard tons of gossip in regard to m.i.a.|You read plenty of heresy} on this subject, so I suspected your blog would likely possibly be another “me too” take on the subject behind m.i.a.. I am corrected and hold my chapeau in hand. So cool.

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