Today in Politics: Roasting #03

Tyranny is typically a male-dominated pass-time. So one wonders why South Africa’s Home Affairs Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma wants to get mixed up in it.

Having just failed in her bid to be elected chair[women] of the African Union Commission, Dlamini-Zuma intends standing for election again in six months. Perhaps this will give her more time to hone those despotism skills so valued in the African Union.

Now how about this attempt by a South African diplomatic official to rationalize Dlamini-Zuma’s failure to secure the majority vote against her opponent, Jean Ping of Gabon?

It was a vote of no-confidence in his [Ping] leadership. African countries were clearly unhappy with an AU that was ran from Paris. This provides us an opportunity to elect someone from a country which does not have neo-colonial hang-ups.

So how is the failure of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to secure a two-thirds majority, also not a vote of no-confidence?


Meanwhile back home the bitter feuding within the ANC escalates on an almost daily basis.

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Thandi Tobias-Poloko publicly rebuked Public Enterprise Minister Malusi Gigaba for allegedly “undermining unity within the ANC by publicly discussing internal issues.”

Listen up dumb-asses, you are all public officials and the public have a right to know what the fuck is going on in government. We have earned this right by paying the taxes that keep you dirt-bags ensconced in the lap of luxury, while a large part of the population still don’t have running water and housing after 17 years of ANC incompetence and thievery.

In case you think we don’t know about the so-called “UNITY” in your party; we fucking do. We know that it’s all about jockeying for positions at the feeding trough.

So stop fucking thinking that your dirty laundry is still a big secret.

Abaya urrrrgghhh!

It was pretty hot today. The climate control in my car was at full tilt.  It was therefore a little disconcerting, gazing in my rear-view mirror at two women in those black tent-like outfits, riding in an older-model car that obviously did not have the same comforts.

I could not tell if they were comfortable or happy; all I could see were their eyes through a rectangular slit cut in the headdress which formed part of the ensemble known as an abaya, traditionally worn by Moslem women.

I resisted thinking about what they had on underneath and failed. I hope it was nothing because perhaps that would have made them slightly less hot. I really don’t know; I have never tried wearing a shapeless tent-like outfit before.

At this point, I know there will be those who will accuse me of being disrespectful towards the Islamic religion. Well…. I’m being no more insolent towards Islam, than I’m towards every other religion; I have the same loathing for all religions. Don’t take it personally.

This is not about your religion; well not entirely. It’s about the women who are affected by it. Maybe I’m presumptuous, but I can’t imagine any women willingly dressing up in tent-like outfits on a hot day. I’m not saying it does not have practical applications in some parts of the world; it just seems so impractical and silly on a hot day in this part of the world.

Women would have to be absolutely terrified of the maker of such a dehumanizing religious law, not to mention the cruel earthly guardians self-appointed to enforce it. That would be about the only reason for dressing up like that, apart from dementia and a bad case of self-loathing.

Women’s beauty is meant to be shown off and celebrated. It’s meant to be enjoyed by both men and women alike. I just can’t abide any archaic law that prevents me from savouring the beauty and form that makes up a women.

Women have a right to live with freedom and dignity. She should not tolerate any god or man who would take that away from her, lest she be prepared to live in mental and physical slavery for the rest of her life.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

My second reading of Animal Farm after a great many years was prompted by a critic of the South African government who like many people living here now, have eventually become disgusted with their [SA government’s] behaviour. The parallels between the book’s plot and characters and the political dispensation and rulers of present-day South Africa are quite remarkable.

An advocate of Socialism, Orwell was prompted to write Animal Farm to expose the false notion that the 1917 Russian Revolution was a progressive development for the millions of poor and oppressed Russians. However, the book eventually came to symbolise any form of political, social or economic oppression of ordinary people in the real world. To that effect, I’ll make some comparisons with South Africa after I’ve dealt with the plot.

The Plot

Inspired by Major, an ageing boar, a group of barn animals on Manor Farm, rebel against the oppressive and neglectful owner, Mr. Jones. After ejecting him and the other humans from the farm, the animals rename it Animal Farm, formulate an ideology called Animalism based on the philosophy proposed by Major, and draw up a charter called the Seven Commandments of Animalism which is painted on the barn wall.

The pigs gravitate into leadership positions, with Napoleon and Snowball being the early candidates. Napoleon however display his hunger for power quite early in the plot, and enlists the help of Squealer [can you think of a better name for a pig?], a pig with natural persuasive qualities, who develops into a propagandist of note. After the owner unsuccessfully tries to take back the farm, in which Snowball demonstrates both bravery and a skill for battle, he has a falling out with Napoleon over the building of a windmill. Napoleon with the help of some vicious dogs whose training he personally supervised, manage to chase Snowball off the farm, and appropriates the main leadership role.

Snowball becomes a convenient scapegoat through the rest of the novel for Napoleon who through Squealer find it quite easy to convince the other animals that he [Snowball] was to be blamed for all the mishaps and setbacks that occurred on the farm.

Napoleon organises and supervises various work details on the farm. Boxer, a horse proves to be a very willing worker, while the sheep [no surprises there] display a remarkable talent for gullibility.

Over the course of the years, Napoleon degenerates into a true despot, who hungers for material possessions as well. He moves into the main farmhouse and uses possessions of the human owners for his own comfort, while these remain forbidden to the other animals. We also notice how the Seven Commandments of Animalism slowly change into something else suiting the dictatorial style of Napoleon, or disappear altogether, amazingly with the approval and agreement of the other animals. Such is the depravity of Napoleon, that he forces false confessions out of some of the animals for imaginary misdeeds, and has them murdered by the dogs in the presence of the other animals.

As time passes, Napoleon collaborates with neighbouring farmers like Pilkington, in violation of the original Seven Commandments, to build a successful farming empire, and eventually the pigs begin to walk upright on their hind legs to mimic their former human oppressors. All this while as the pigs grew fatter, the other animals led a very stark and oppressed existence. The Seven Commandments are reduced to a single one: “All Animals Are Equal / But Some Are More Equal Than Others.”

The book closes on a scene with the animals looking in through the window of the farmhouse where a party is in progress, with the pigs as hosts and human guests drinking and arguing over a card game. We are told that the pigs had become indistinguishable from the humans.

Parallels in the South African Political Dispensation to Animal Farm

Mr. Jones Apartheid or former political dispensation
Manor Farm/Animal Farm South Africa
Major Old [respected] ANC leaders
Napoleon ANC [current leadership]
Snowball White folk, White business, capitalism
Squealer Mac Maharaj, any other ANC spin-doctor
Animalism Freedom Charter, Social Democracy
Seven Commandments New SA Constitution
Boxer Willing, skilled workforce
Sheep Gullible South Africans who continue to vote ANC
Vicious dogs Blue light convoys and personal protection of the ANC leaders
Napoleon’s materialism ANC’s penchant for self-enrichment and bling
Pilkington China as a trading partner
Pigs SA Government

A sikh joke you say?

The Indian population of India and abroad really have to get over this ridiculous insecurity about their many religions.

Hot on the heels of India’s pathetic dispute with Facebook and Google over content that they myopically view as hostile to local religions, comes the Jay Leno affair. And only recently, celebrated author Salman Rushdie was forced to cancel a planned appearance at the Jaipur Literature Festival after threats and protests from Islamist groups, while the Indian authorities apparently turned a blind eye.

Back to the Jay Leno affair: Jay Leno, host of the Tonight Show is in hot water following a quip he made about the Golden Temple in Amritsar being the holiday home of Republican, Mitt Romney. While some sensible Indians (Sikhs included) appreciated the joke and accepted it as quite normal,  it has apparently angered the Sikh community in the USA and in India. They believe that the joke is a deliberate affront to their religion.

However if you watch the clip below, you’ll find that Leno made no reference to Sikhs or the temple itself. So you have to wonder what all the fuss is about.

The obvious answer is that like the adherents of all other religions in the world, the Sikhs have this obtuse notion that their god or gods require constant defending against perceived attacks, both from adherents of competing religions, heathens and non-believers alike.

How utterly pathetic?

It’s time you life-sucking god-botherers grew up and started attending to the real problems in the world, not the imaginary ones that seem to make up all these pointless religions we have.


Most times it takes a few listens before I can finally wrap my mind around a particular song. No so with the tUnE-yArDs.

I remember being immediately impressed with Bizness by the tUnE-yArDs. Then followed Gangsta and I was hooked. This is not the usual formulaic drivel that is marketed by most pop artists these days. The tUnE-yArDs probably won’t be getting any major music awards this year, but that says more about our puerile tastes, than the brilliance of this band.

Today in Politics: Roasting #02

ANC secretary-general [note the fatuous military title] Gwede Mantashe has appealed to followers of his wayward organization to “stop insulting” its leaders. WTF?

Appealing to his own supporters, not detractors? First, let me get this out of the way…


It’s perhaps a good sign, because it’s an indicator that the sheeple are finally cottoning onto the real character of their political leaders, which means there’s hope yet for this country.

If Mantashe doesn’t realise that respect is earned, he should escape very quickly from the 17-year post-apartheid dream-world he’s been living in and start smelling the neglected sewer infrastructure. Politicians will only get respect from their followers and other people when:

  1. They abandon the disdain they have for their own people, and become honest and caring
  2. Pigs fly.

I suggest Mantashe starts praying very hard for pigs to grow wings.


Seems former President Thabo Mbeki is still hung up about the death of his former bossom-buddy, Muammar Gaddafi.

He’s been making dubious claims that “false knowledge” spread through the internet and social media such as Twitter is to blame for the removal and ultimate death of the Libyan despot. He suggests that people believe absolutely everything they read in the various media.

While that may be true of the ignorant berks who continuously vote for the world’s tyrants, there are actually a lot of people who are discerning about the information they consume.

Is Mr. Mbeki seriously suggesting that we believe the shit that emanates from the mouths of politicians? When pigs fly, Mr. Mbeki. When pigs fly…

Kosher nail polish and lascivious Barbie dolls

Pink nail polish.

Image via Wikipedia

Two online articles left me in stitches this afternoon, both of which point to the sheer absurdity of clerical interference in religion.

I don’t need to convince you that religion on its own can be amazingly daft in its prescriptions to mankind, but clerical interpretations over the centuries, and the concomitant add-on’s from them pushes them [religions] to lethally farcical limits. It also leaves non-believers pulling their hair out, despairing for the future of the human race.

The first post was about plain old nail polish. Up to now I thought they only came in different colours and made women’s fingers and toes look weird. I had no idea they came in halaal [kosher] and illicit [non-kosher] varieties too. I also had no idea that Muslim women were not allowed to adorn the non-kosher kind because it prevents water from touching the actual finger nail. It seems that this is a requirement before engaging in prayer. Should a Muslim women put on non-halaal nail polish, it would force her to use a removing agent, and then re-apply the varnish up to five times a day, to engage in the other requirement of this faith.

That’s all well and good, but I don’t for one minute believe that the Islamic faith has such a requirement. There’s ample reason to believe however, that a patriarchal shit-for-brains cleric introduced these requirements at some point in time during the often violent history of the Islamic faith. I really can’t imagine a god requiring water to touch your nails before you worshipped his tyrannical ass. That would be far too perverse, even for a god.

English: this is a picture of my Barbie doll

Image via Wikipedia

In the second post, the interference and dumb-fuckery of religious clerics is plainly stated. In Iran [quite possibly in other fascist Islamic countries too], the common Barbie doll is considered a destructive social and cultural influence and is banned. The only permitted dolls for children are supposed to be drab chunks of plastic, kitted out in “loose-fitting” clothing that covers it from head to toe. Exposed plastic would be an insult to the gods, if not to the retarded religious fuck’s who make up these asinine rules. They’re expecting their children to believe that every girl in the decadent West grows up to become a murderous slut.

Can you imagine a god who would prefer a young girl to have an AK47 instead of a Barbie doll? The clerics can. That’s why they make up this ridiculous shit.

Who’s to say that the clerics in Iran won’t start compelling young girls to paint only halaal nail polish on their dorky dolls in future?

Banana man PAWNED!

In case you thought I was gonna go all political on your ass in the new year, here is some religious dissonance for your enjoyment.

Remember when evangelist Ray Comfort tried to convince anyone who would bother to listen, that the banana was one of God’s perfect creations? And remember how he stubbornly ignored all those who pointed out that the modern banana was closer to being a near-perfect creation of man, rather than some cosmic dictator.

Well it seems that Ray is quite adept at being single-minded. Here he is being thwarted by a West Indian women:

The guy is either a very smug Christian or a very successful fraud. Perhaps even both.