Admit it, the Pagan Roots of Christmas is what makes it so festive

A whole lot of us, mostly non-Christians and atheists delight in calling Christmas the silly season; I’m no exception.

However, I’d venture that even the most die-hard atheist, anti-theist, or hater from another religion will admit that this time of year is the most festive, particularly those days between Christmas and the Julian New Year. Seriously, you’d have to be pretty psychotic not to enjoy Christmas.

By now, it should be common knowledge [see video below] that the celebrations usually associated with Christmas are in fact of pagan origins, and have been borrowed or annexed by the Church to satisfy various agendas of their own. But that’s what makes Christmas so enjoyable; all the things that are so un-Christian.

I just love the music [yes, the Christmas carols], the parties, the food, ungodly amounts of alcohol, and the fact that we get to spend time with friends and family, who usually reside miles away. And let’s not forget the time off work, the annual bonus, and the chance to spend wildly on things you usually wouldn’t. Only the pathologically pious shy away from these simple pleasures to commemorate a dour tale of religious improbability.

So, whether you’re a Christian or not, indulge yourself this Christmas; god knows [or not] that it’s one of the rare times for partaking in true pleasure we’re allowed in this harsh world.

8 thoughts on “Admit it, the Pagan Roots of Christmas is what makes it so festive

  1. I’m Pagan; Yule is a solemn holiday in my faith and I celebrate it appropriately. OTOH, I agree with you that the overall celebration of Christmas is not very Christian and a lot of fun. I celebrate each thing separately.

    Frankly though, most of the celebrations of “Christmas” aren’t Christian or Pagan, except in the roots of their form-factors. It’s a largely secular holiday these days in America.

    • Hi jonolan,

      Great to hear from a Pagan. I’m always reminded of one of my favorite poems by Wordsworth “The World is Too Much With Us” when talking about paganism. There is purity there that is not existent in organised religion.

      Well, I hope you have a good Yule once again.

  2. Dude I made a point of trying to convince a few christians that christmas is actually when jesus was crucified, and he was born on easter… took me 15 minutes and I had them!

    But try and convince them that any of their holidays are actually Pagan holidays; impossible!

    • Insofar as I can see, their holidays are their holidays; they celebrate and worship as they will. That they co-opted many dates and that many trappings and traditions of elder, more mature religions entered into the celebration of those holy days is rather immaterial to me – beyond a bit of humor and the musing that some practices just might be universal.

      I sort of figure that I’ve little enough room to complain. I follow the Celtic Rite form of Paganism, which is quite old, but archeology evidence suggests that our holidays and many of our forms of celebrating may date back to the late Paleolithic period, long before my ancestors developed a distinctively Celtic culture.

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