Questions for Believers From Piet in Rotterdam

Piet from Rotterdam in the Netherlands asked me very politely to post a link to some thought-provoking questions he has compiled for believers.

Since I’ve asked some of these questions myself over the years, I am quite happy to oblige in providing the links to his compilation. I quite enjoyed reading through them although they’re targeted at believers mostly.

The English version [a work in progress]:

Questions for the Believer

The Dutch version:

95 stellingen / vragen aan een christen

16 thoughts on “Questions for Believers From Piet in Rotterdam

  1. Dear mr. Nyaga,

    You could use google translate. Not sophisticated but it works. Hopefully the last 40 questions will be translated before end of this year 🙂

    Thank you for your interest!!


  2. Hello Lenny,

    Re: Question #25. Someone did not do his homework when he asked this question.

    See Genesis 5:4….”Adam at age of eight hundred years bore sons & daughters”

    Humankind is borne out of incest. Every Clergyman knows this & admits this.

    • You are right. But the most important issue is the question incest. In the mind of Christians the Bible predicts morality. And to find a good answer at one question is no problem. Still 159 to go. Thanks for your feedback!!

  3. I have to believe that no one over the age of six who is not mentally handicapped (and I do mean this as a sincere comment, & not poke fun at these poor individuals) does actually believe any of the fairy tale stories in the Bible. They pretend they do for fear of some unfortunate repercussion that would befall them. Belief in fictitious Biblical strories is inspired by the insidious church & reckless parents

  4. Thats my opinion. Bad education and indoctrination. And many people could not live without an imaginary boyfriend. He does not listen, he does not speak, you can’t feel, hear or see him. But it’s strange they still believe that this thing is reality. And must be worshipped.

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