Census 2011: Count me Out

It’s census time in South Africa again. However for those who can’t see the point, or shudder at the thought of the cost, its senseless time again.

I’m one of those who are skeptical about the benefits, especially living under a government that could quite fairly be described as bordering on despotic.

I was contemplating participating in the grand scheme of information gathering, by answering the questions cynically:

Race: Human

Age: Old Enough

Sex: Infrequently

Gender: All for Equality

Number of People Living on the Property: Sorry, there’s no more room at the Inn

Income: You have a bloody cheek asking me that, since your employer appropriates most of it

Etc. You get the point.

However, I just read the Statistician General Pali Lehohla, being quoted in a newspaper as saying that we’re legally bound to answer ALL questions asked by the census takers. And that has peeved me off, big time. Surely there is something in our Constitution such as Title 13 from the US statutes that protects citizens from this sort of government harassment?

That changes everything! I will not be threatened. Pali and his government can kiss my Human ass. I’m not even going to give you bureaucratic scumbags the time of day.

Why should I tell your government anything about me? So that they can budget for how much they can safely raid from the treasury coffers, instead of doing it with impunity, like they do now?

Why should I allow a government who intends passing laws that will silence the public and prevent us from asking them questions, to ask me any questions? You can call me unpatriotic and silly and whatever. I couldn’t be bothered. This is my opportunity to protest peacefully about the thieves who run this country.

Listen up! Count me out!