Photo # 16: I must go down to the sea again…

I joined a few friends last week on an excursion to Port St. Johns, a well-known fishing haven on the South East Coast of South Africa.

Our timing could not have been worse as it coincided with a cold front coming up from the Eastern Cape that dumped a heap of snow in areas a little more than 150 kilometers from us, and freezing rain for days where we were lodging.

Needless to say, we only managed to catch a few fish, and decided to pack it in and move further up the coast to Margate…where we encountered more rain. However I did manage to get this shot on the only day that was relatively shower-free.

Spotting the socks left drying on the tree trunk reminded me of this little ditty I heard many years ago:

I must go down to the sea again

the lonely sea and sky

I left my socks there

I want to see if they’re dry


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