Low Down Dirty Shame

I just came across a news article that reveals that South Africans are among the dirtiest people in the world according to a study conducted by antibacterial products manufacturer, Dettol.

While I view all studies with skepticism, I believe this study may be spot-on about a certain segment of the South African population. Before your mind starts getting you into trouble, let me reveal that I’m referring to South African politicians – especially those who belong to the majority party.

Yes, we have about the dirtiest politicians in the world. Describing them as oozing slime is being rather kind. I do believe that right now, any surviving architects and guardians of Apartheid view the current bunch of miscreants with a great deal of envy.

I actually think they’re beyond redemption. Cleaning up will be a total waste of time and resources. In fact it’s so bad, I’m convinced that the only solution will be to physically drown them in batches, in a giant swimming pool filled with Dettol.

Hopefully that will rid this country of the bad stench of post-Apartheid politics.

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