Shaik rattled again…Bwahahaha!!!

I don’t usually take pleasure in hearing about people being hurt…but sometimes one must make exceptions, especially when the person who has been hurt is a scumbag.

Convicted fraudster, Schabir Shaik was involved in an altercation with 4 men at his favorite golf club recently, but this time he was on the receiving end of a beating. Seems he heard the men in the clubhouse talking “ill” about President Jacob Zuma and decided to be the gallant asshole, and confront. Now, all sensible people know that you just don’t mess with 4 guys who are drinking, especially when you’re alone. Maybe on that day Shaik had too much of that goji berry juice that’s supposed to be “curing his terminal illness,” which temporarily caused him to lose his sense of judgement, but it was a godsend nevertheless.

After Shaik swindled the taxpayers, raped the Justice system and then beat up a women journalist and a worshipper at a Mosque, I’m sure most decent people would welcome this small token of justice being served. Personally I don’t think it’s nearly enough, but in a country where there is so little of it, I guess I’ll take what I can.

In case you missed it, here are the morals of this little story:

  1. What goes around, comes around
  2. Never defend another scumbag, or you’ll get your ass kicked.

Barcelona = Soccer Surgery

Barcelona's Lionel Messi was voted as man of t...
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Precise, surgical passing and movement, clinical finishing. It’s the Barca way!

Last night the champions of Spain were crowned the Champions of Europe for the second successive year by defeating the champions of England Manchester United. To be fair, “defeating” is a euphemism. Manchester United were handed their asses on a plate. They were literally mesmerised into submission by the sublime Barcelona.

So is it fair to conclude that the Spanish League is superior to the English Premiership?

While Barcelona are currently untouchable, I don’t believe they could perform consistently well for a whole season if they were drafted into the Premier League. The Premier League may not exactly be a display of stylish football, but it is arguably the toughest and most demanding in the world, on both players and coaches. I’m also skeptical if any of the Barcelona players would perform as well should they be signed up to any English team.

Currently they’re performing masterfully in a team and environment which suits them well.

Arsenal in England compares very favourably with Barcelona in style of play and producing the type of football that make the purists go orgasmic with delight. However Arsenal have too many young players who though laden with talent, are still brittle and inexperienced. Off course it doesn’t help that they are playing in such a tough League. I imagine that they should perform better in the Spanish League.

So then, who is the best footballer in the world?

Without doubt it has to be Lionel Messi. I’d venture to say that he’s superior to Maradona or anyone else ever, in the history of football. Messi is the son of the footballing gods. And the best part is that he’s chosen to remain here on Earth among us mere mortals and not sit up there in football heaven smirking like someone else’s son we know.