My decision to vote again: Conclusion

Yes, I’ve done it – cast a vote again after 17 years of watching in dismay as the politicians slowly set about ruining the country.

Only now I’ve voted AGAINST the main culprits, the ANC. Somehow that feels so liberating. It’s probably not going to hurt the ANC, but it’s my way of telling them to fuck themselves.

There is a glimmer of hope from what I’ve seen thus far, that the party I voted for will turn things around. But it also hinges on many others also favoring them – hopefully enough votes of confidence in enough local councils across the country to give them the required majorities to run local government the way it should be.

However, I now also realize that my responsibility does not end with just voting. Now comes perhaps the most important part of democracy – holding the successful office bearers responsible and accountable for delivering the services for which we pay taxes. This will require a little diligence and some snooping around to find out what the elected councillors are NOT DOING. Then it’s a matter of exposing their failings and demanding redress, using whatever legal means available.

The candidate I voted for is in for a nasty ride should he win the election in my local district. I’m going to ensure that he understands that he is a civil servant and his candidacy means that I basically “own” him for his term of office. He’s going to know who’s paying his salary because I’m going to remind him frequently. He’s going to know that he’s expected to be a councillor from 9 to 5 every day, and not a part-time manager of a football team while he’s in office. He’s going to get phone calls even at night…when services are not delivered on time.

It’s time that we all made sure that elected officials know that they will not be getting fat on our watch. Let’s put them to work…