The party that erected the least number of open toilets stinks the least…

The saga of the open toilets continues…

Seems like politics in South Africa has finally found a home where it belongs…in the toilet. The recent revelation of an ANC administered local council erecting open toilets in informal settlements [exceeding the number revealed as erected by the DA in the Western Cape] was compounded by the revelation that the Mayor of the district was the Director of the company awarded the contract for the construction. Let’s forget for a minute about this whole situation being immoral, illegal and dishonest, but the fact the ANC top brass were aware of the irregular tender makes the situation monumentally disgusting.

It indicates the absolute and utter disdain that the ruling ANC has for the population at large.

Popular cartoonist Zapiro made a commendable effort to sum up this pile of steaming manure:

M&G Online, May 13, 2011

But, this editorial in the Mail & Guardian Online sums things up nicely too:

Put party poopers on the spot

Since this local government election has been reduced to voting for the party that stinks the least, it follows that the votes should go to the one that erected the least number of open toilets.