A scum-free weekend?

I was beginning to think that we’d have a scum-free weekend, but there’s always someone itching to get his name into the annals of scumdom.

Surprisingly no South African politician has said or done anything of major asinine noteworthiness this weekend. They must all be recovering from that gaudy wedding bash held for the President’s daughter.

The National Lottery however continue to have no qualms about squandering the money they amass from the fools who don’t understand the basics of statistics. Tasked with disbursing their gains to charitable and other deserving organizations, the National Lottery continue to fund outrageous schemes designed to benefit the dregs of society.

Fresh from splurging around R40-million on the ridiculously wasteful World Festival of Youth and Students, they have now apparently sponsored R3.7-million for the staging of a concert by the washed-out band Earth Wind & Fire. And this while charitable and educational organizations are in utter despair.

So the next time you have that irrational urge to win millions on the Lotto, think about how your money is being pissed away by the morons in charge of the National Lottery. While your chances of winning millions is pretty-much near zero, your refusal to participate in this fraud scheme will help promote honesty in a country in which this simple attribute is all but deficient.

The agony is over

Arsène Wenger
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On Resurrection Sunday, Arsenal’s title hopes for the season finally died.

Instead of ascending to greater heights, the spirit of this team appeared to be conclusively crushed at Bolton yesterday; a season of agony for the team, the Manager and supporters brought mercifully to an end.

Without a doubt there were moments of utter awesomeness during the season, but there were far too many moments of pitiful football in between. Arsene Wenger has magnanimously accepted blame for a ruined season, but some of the players need to shoulder much of that responsibility too.

There is much talent in this side, but unfortunately there is a much apathy too. While Wenger took every opportunity to remind us that his players had a great deal of belief, it should now be clear to him and those players that belief alone does not win games. You need to actually get off your ass and put in some hard graft – most times 100% is just not good enough. And many of his players failed to deliver that extra bit that is required to maintain a winning consistency. Mental attitude should of necessity be partnered by a physical aptitude; and this they failed to achieve.

There’s still a few games left, but it’s time to look to the new season.

As an ardent supporter, I’ve no wish to go through another season sitting on the edge of my seat wondering who’s going to screw up next. Wenger has little option but to clean out the cupboard and bring in some new players, preferably with noteworthy experience. He also has the tough task of convincing a core nucleus of his current players to stay a little while longer.

Whether Fabregas remains the captain, is another matter that needs sorting out. Personally I would like to see his body join his mind which is already in Spain. The team needs a captain who is focussed on the team, not on his personal fantasies.