It's not like the Minister has done something that isn't traditional!

Recent revelations that Sicelo Shiceka, the South African government Minister with a title that is a mouthful, had abused taxpayers money to maintain a jet-setter lifestyle, is nothing new – it’s the norm.
In fact it would have been astonishing had the Minister of Coorporative Governance and Traditional Affairs been un-coorporative with the ANC tradition of looting the treasury by government officials.
Flying first class to Switzerland with an unecessary personal assistant, and visiting a girlfriend in prison using a hired chauffeur-driven limousine, all at the taxpayers expense is not scandalous; it’s traditional. And apparently it’s all perfectly legal – squandering taxpayers money is sanctioned by the Ministers Handbook. Just don’t bother
asking who wrote that convenient little Handbook.
Now if any of you poor folks are wondering when you’ll be getting a little service delivery, piped water, your share of sub-standard housing, driveable roads etcetera, I suggest you don’t ask your government representatives. They’re too busy making the most of the opportunity you gave them by putting them into political office.