The [imagined] crisis in African, Indian and Coloured unity

The crisis in African, Indian and Coloured unity: written by Sandile Memela, this blog post published under Thought Leader in the Mail & Guardian is an absolute disgrace.

My response posted to his blog comments section:


Utter hogwash. Whatever tension there is between Africans, Indians and Coloureds is natural, and to be expected among people of different races and cultural backgrounds.

Your ignoble attempts to make it seem sinister and absolutely divisive, is yet another manifestation of the utter desparation on the part of the ANC to whitewash their many failures.

You and your cohorts in the political hierarchy are a disgrace to the decent hard-working Africans who don’t actually harbor any resentment towards their fellow South Africans; true South Africans who neither ask for hand-outs, nor play the victim at the drop of a hat.

Why don’t you change your profile* to reflect the truth: that you’re just another ANC apologist whose real intent is to sow division where there is none.

In hindsight, my heated response, especially the closing line, was perhaps an ad hominem attack on Sandile. However, I’m not at all apologetic for saying it. The guy’s got a bug up his arse about White people – always rubbishing them while portraying non-Whites as the perennial victims.

* Sandile’s profile on Thought Leader described him as an ANC funk. He changed it when some readers saw the lighter side of this description.