Alcohol and opportunism

The recent announcement by South Africa’s Department of Social Development to intensify efforts in combating drug and alcohol abuse is highly commendable.

However, their intention to use legislation, to among things increase the legal age limit to purchase alcohol from 18 to 21, is quite absurd. It illuminates the idiotic decision of the government to allow 16-year old’s to have the right to vote, and 18-year old’s to join the Armed Forces to take up arms in defence of the shambolic government that the 16-year old’s helped put into power.

Time and again, intelligent people have learnt that making something illegal, makes it more desirable. Intelligence however is a rare trait in the current ANC government set-up. Emotion, not intelligence rules over this lot.

While the department noted “…the link between alcohol abuse and a range of chronic health problems, increased mortality and opportunistic diseases,” it did not take long for the ANC Youth League (ANCYL), fresh from making a complete ass of themselves (yes, yet again) over their recent calls for nationalisation of the mines, to jump on this available bandwagon to bleat about their feigned support of the department’s initiatives.

I guess they didn’t realise that it wouldn’t take long for knowledgeable people to recognize them [the ANCYL] as one of the country’s main opportunistic diseases.

Have these disgraceful ANCYL pricks no shame? On the one hand they use every opportunity to abuse whatever occasion is thrown their way [usually at taxpayer’s expense] to booze and party up a storm, and on the other hand they expect us to believe that they support efforts to clamp down on alcohol abuse. How can one believe that the ANCYL spokesperson, Floyd Shivambu is honest when he says:

They would stop at nothing in ensuring that alcohol consumption in South Africa was radically reduced and all alcohol regulations and laws were properly enforced by law enforcement agencies.

What does this mean for the President of this loutish organization, one Julius Malema, who has a propensity to quaff expensive bottles of Johnny Walker Blue Label at every occasion?

If the legal age limit for consuming alcohol is raised to 21, and his own members started policing the law, Malema would have to wait 16 years before he could touch another bottle of Johnny Blue again…