All hail Julius, the Caesar of the economy

Julius Malema, President of the ANC Youth League, devil-child of the ANC, should be the undisputed twit of the new millennium; but considering their aspirations to rule until Jesus returns, I suppose it’s not inconceivable that they’ll produce a few other dumb-asses.

Julius has been mouthing off again; nothing unusual for a blow-hard of this magnitude, but this time he’s surely gone off the deep end.

Remember how he grabbed every opportunity to tell everyone what a big-shot revolutionary he was? And how together with the other ANCYL brats, they were going to transform South Africa into la-la land by banishing imperialism and implementing the ideals of the antiquated Freedom Charter.

Well, it seems that we’ve seriously under-estimated this lard-arse. He’s been hard at work, not at improving his woodwork grades, but at adding some new words to his stunted vocabulary. Julius now has pretensions to becoming an economic freedom-fighter too. He’s now taken to threatening the owner’s of mines with seizure of 60% of their shareholdings. Last Friday while spewing the usual clichéd rhetoric at a gala dinner about political freedom being useless with economic freedom, he stunned everyone with this ripper:

We’re now economic freedom fighters. The revolution started to get food. We don’t have to apologise, or be shy about this struggle.

But that’s not all. It’s been reported that he went on to encourage people to keep the revolution going by having as many babies as possible. Apparently:

Having babies is a revolutionary thing. You must reproduce!

Some logic! I guess these ANCYL bright-sparks figured that 60% of all the mines in South Africa should be enough to feed, clothe, educate and keep millions of new babies happily on Social Welfare…until Jesus returns. I wonder if they’ll run this show from Luthuli House, also known as Loot Freely House by ANC detractors; or as Julius likes to call it Revolutionary House? Maybe they’ll even consider renaming it Treasure Island.

Off course, it’s a no-brainer why Julius didn’t bother to explain to the masses ever-eager to hear his vitriol, why he and the rest of that scummy lot in the ANC have temporarily delayed the “revolution to get food,” to help themselves to fancy cars, houses, liquor, clothes and other bling.

So for now we render unto Caesar that which he thinks is his, but real revolution is not far on the horizon to start the next chapter in the history of South Africa…