The End of the World is at hand….again!

Yes folks, the end is nigh…again! According to Harold Camping, President of, May 21, 2011 “will be the date of the Rapture and the day of Judgement.”

This crackpot previously predicted that the Rapture was going to occur on September 6, 1994, but when Jesus failed to appear, the former civil engineer claimed to have made an error in his calculations. Meanwhile another crackpot religious organization, claims that after the May 21 Rapture, god will destroy this world and those who presumably didn’t meet the Rapture criteria, with it.

Personally I don’t picture Zuma and the ANC running to Pastor Ray McCauley demanding a refund for having their “rule until Jesus returns” cut short. But you never know; some in the ANC are that conceited. I do however see certain people taking advantage of this impending imaginary disaster to make a one time offer to the ignorant to purchase Power Balance armbands in preparation for a balanced judgement at the Rapture.

The only certainty is that religious crazies are going to continue to make claims for the end of the world until the sun implodes or said religious crazies start a nuclear war, or something else totally natural [or unnatural] causes us to go extinct.


3 thoughts on “The End of the World is at hand….again!

  1. I hope the M.F. is right. I just sent him all my money to guarantee my salvation. If he’s wrong…oh shit! Do I get a refund?

  2. Hi Lenny,
    Religion provide these crackpots the platform to make outrageous claims that end up hurting their gullible followers and almost always get away with it. They are so numerous that most people have stopped noticing the spews they throw around. In the last few years, it has ranged from claims of the world ending and the madmen forcing their followers to live underground ( literally inside holes in Nyahururu county) for months, to a popular TV evangelist claiming – during last presidential election- that god had told him that Kenyans would/should vote him to State House only for “his god” to humiliate him with less than 200 votes for all the millions of shilling he had “invested” in the campaign. Miracle cures are floated around so brazenly that they range from mothers (read barren ones) giving birth to sometimes, as many as four kid per year ( at least on this, the self-exiled pastor’s wife is currently cooling her heels in jail for baby stealing), to selling jobs, business, spouse and healing miracles (again here, two of these charismatic preacher’s spouses have succumbed to cancer at the hands of science-trained attendants in exclusive hospitals within a year notwithstanding claims hammered to their followers that god’s miracles includes healing what doctors have given up on). Nowadays they are selling various categories of pastor’s anointed or prayed-on “holy” water and oil that you can sprinkle on your farm, animals, business premises or on the sicks’ forehead to maximize on profit or heal or protect your interests from imaginary enemies. You do not have to attend their sermons, they will send the liquids to you if you can kindly support the work of god by sending them cash. There is always the make-believe testimony of a beneficially!

    • Hi Muraguri,

      Yep, it’s a crazy world we live in alright. You’ve probably heard about our own President promising those who voted for his party would get a free ticket to heaven?

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