And here I was thinking that he’d paid too much for that medal…

Earlier this week, our Pres, il Fornicator, received a medal of honor from the Cubans, and reciprocated by announcing an aid package to the tune of R210 million.

I remember thinking at the time that he’d paid far too much for another piece of metal to add to his dictator-in-the-making tunic. You know how these despotic turds all over the world love showing off their collection of dubious medals on a military uniform at every grandstanding occasion, public and private?

Well, it turns out today, that the medal has cost South much much more – he’s now decided that in addition to the R210 million, he’s going to write off R1.1 billion in debt too. Now, I’m convinced that he’s lost all his marbles; and I’m pretty sure that he didn’t have too many marbles to start off with! WTF is this wastrel doing? I can remember a time not too long ago, when he told the citizens of this country that there wasn’t enough money available to provide the services that his less-than-useless government have been promising for more than 15 years.

To add insult to injury, the strike-it-lucky South African Trade Union NUMSA, are calling the aid package, R100 million of which is for the purchase of South African goods, a “revolutionary gesture.” Huh? That is just brilliant! It’s so brilliant, it has obviously blinded everyone who does business, and probably why it is not used more often as a sales tactic.

Now why don’t Mercedes-Benz or Lexus try it? Come on guys, be revolutionary; give me the money to buy your oh-so-beautiful cars!!! Or better still, why not sell a car to me on credit, and then write it off; I’ll give ya the nicest medal money can buy, even throw in the tunic!!!

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