Media Appeals Tribunal – What would Churchill have said?

In spite of the overwhelming opposition to the implementation of the absurd Media Appeals Tribunal (MAT), it seems quite certain that the South African government intends pushing on with its dastardly plan to snuff out free speech.

President Jacob Zuma, quite apparently hurt by constant media reports on his philandering habits and questionable abilities to lead, defended his government’s (read ANC’s) plans to implement MAT before parliament last week, saying “It’s not fair…” and “…a lot of pain has been caused…” Oh, how pathetic was that. 

And off course, we did not fail to recognise the disingenuous manner in which he tried to paint a picture which made it seem that the reporting was affecting mostly “poor people” who were defenceless in the face of the media onslaught. Come come, Mr. Zuma, the only time the media reports negatively on poor defenceless people, is when for example some idiot donates his monthly insurance premium to Ray Mcauley’s Rhema Church. Ordinary people are hardly affected by media expose’s; its public figures such as yourself and off course anyone else who willfully abuses the trust of the electorate.

Incidently, Zuma also went on to state that the ANC would not suppress press freedom, which sounded eerily like some of the unfulfilled election promises he made, prior to becoming President. Really Mr. Zuma, the uneducated masses, still drunk on freedom from Apartheid, and hooked by the personality cult that became effective since your term of office commenced, may fall for that; but not the rest of us.

Today, while reading an excellent article titled Betraying the revolution in the Mail & Gaurdian by author Kole Omotoso, I was reminded of the most inspiring segment of that famous speech by Winston Churchill during the Second World War, which went on to inspire victory by the Allies:

We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,…

This speech was given on the 4th of June 1940, but Churchill also gave another speech earlier, on the 13th of May which I believe should inspire us South Africans to fight the government, tooth and nail, on this (MAT) and other draconian laws that they intend promulgating:

We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be.

The fight Mr President? Believe it, it is here!!!