The swindlers get bolder

While I’ve been away on my road trip, a monumental struggle has commenced to retain free speech in South Africa, as the ANC-led government seeks to muzzle the press from reporting on, and exposing the self-serving culture of the members of this organization who still have the temerity to call themselves liberators and revolutionaries.

This, our liberators intend to achieve through the introduction of draconian laws which would have made our former tormentors in the apartheid regime, proud. The ANC-proposed Protection of Information Bill, and the call for the setting up of a Media Tribunal is nothing short of a gross violation of, and an insult to the aims of our much vaunted constitution. It is quite evident to all (except government cronies) that these proposals are merely intended to allow our thieving politicians to raid the treasury without having to look over their shoulders.

Off course, all of this has already been revealed over the last few weeks while I was away, but the morons in government are still preaching to all who would bother to listen, that we have it all wrong. It seems these people get bolder with each new immoral act they somehow get away with, while their contempt for the ordinary citizen grows in unison. And so they press on…

But once again, the cartoonist Zapiro has it spot on:

And just in case I’m not able to express myself in this manner again, I say fuck you to all the lying, thieving scumbags who make up our government; to hell with you and your apartheid laws.

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