My latest road trip: Part 1

I haven’t posted anything in a while, since I’ve been too busy enjoying the road trip I’m currently on.

One week into my road trip, and I’ve left beautiful Saint Lucia behind; one of the last unspoilt stretches of land in South Africa. I’ve concluded a long-held wish to visit about the only place in South Africa, I had not been to before. And I’m glad I did, because it’s well worth visiting.

Kayaking in the Saint Lucia Estuary, getting up real close to the hippos, crocodiles and varied bird species, is a truly magical experience. The experience will leave me forever angry at organized religion which prised heathens away from worshiping nature. This is the only thing worth praising, or worshiping for that matter.

St. Lucia Estuary 1

St. Lucia Estuary 2

St. Lucia 3

But even people can make a place special, and worth visiting again. A special mention therefore to Joyce, a cheerful Dutch woman of Indonesian origin, at the Afrikhaya Guest House whose gracious hospitality added that little extra to the whole experience. [Thanks Joyce]

Some day, I’ll be back at St. Lucia to partake of its many other wonderful delights. But for now, it’s time to push on to the Tstitsikamma forests in the Eastern Cape…

2 thoughts on “My latest road trip: Part 1

  1. While you were experiencing peace in the Saint Lucia Estuary, I also completed a “long held wish” but within the concrete jungle of downtown Nairobi and enjoyed a different kind of a “peace” by cheering our atheletes. Though we pride ourselves as world beaters anywhere anytime, we knew that the just concluded senior African championship would be a litmus test expecially from field events and short races from your country and Nigeria.
    But as I looked at the mass of exited spectators and cheerers they were no defferent from the mass of hyponotized faithfuls in those numerous crusades one is apt to see on TV nowadays.
    So as you noted how organized religion took away worshipers of the nature, I also wondered whether man is turning sport as a form of worship.
    But if you justify any form of worship, are you not perpetuating a different kind of religion?
    To quote Richard Dawkins “We are all atheists about most of the gods humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”
    Or one lesser!

    • Hi Muraguri,

      You’re quite right about it not being good idea to justify any form of worship. I just meant that if anything at all is worthy of worship (if we really must worship something), then it must be the natural world around us; maybe even the great achievements of science.

      But rather lets just be in awe…

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