Match Day + 4

It’s been 4 days since the FIFA Football World Cup Final in South Africa, and people are wondering, even questioning, if the feelings of euphoria and patriotism that built up during the previous month or so, can be maintained going into the future.

While we bask in the intoxicating adulation of the world, for pulling off hosting such a stunning sporting event, there are many people around the world who are also wondering if this was just a one-off fluke, or whether we can sustain the levels of organization, technical prowess and national team-work that went into making it all possible.

My personal involvement in the success of the event, leaves me in no doubt that there is an indomitable spirit that binds all South Africans together, whether we want to admit it or not. There is undoubtedly a willingness amongst all the different Peoples in this country to work together to build a wonderful country.

The problem lies not with the people; it lies with the political leadership of this country. Are they prepared to abandon the path of self-enrichment that they have brazenly adopted, and work towards true unity and equitable economic empowerment for all, or continue with their selfish, divisive and destructive ways?

Maybe the question that everyone should be asking is if the South African government will allow the euphoria to continue?

2 thoughts on “Match Day + 4

  1. If you think your leaders in SA have brazenly adopted the “path of self-enrichment”, they do not come anywhere near our Kenyan MPs. Here they have voted to award themselves obscene salaries and allowances and threatened to bring all government activities to a halt if the president does not sign it into law as well as campaign against the a new constitution in a referendum coming up early next month.
    Do not forget this is in a country where most family survive on less than a 1/2 a dollar per day.
    The world should not be surprised the next time they make it legal for themselves to solely own all the land and that all inhabitants become their slaves.

    • Hi Muraguri

      Is this Africa’s lot? To be ruled by despots? The sad thing is that even despots, have a multitude of supporters. I wonder why?

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