And so it shall come to pass; there shall be no more bad-hair days in Iran

You might be forgiven for thinking that the banning of “decadent Western hairstyles” for men in Iran, is some sort of piss-poor, belated April Fools’ joke. You might be wrong, for it is true.

Yes, Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (no kidding; that kind of bullshit Ministry really does exist) has declared that only certain types of haircuts will be permitted in this holy cloud-cuckoo land in future; after the Modesty and Veil Festival to be exact (yep, no kidding either – that is indeed a festival held in Iran)

This is the type of patriarchal degeneracy that results when depraved clerics, wallowing in the past, are allowed to interpret dubious religious texts and make decrees that infringe on the human rights and dignity of ordinary people. And when politicians latch onto the mad ramblings of these religious nut-jobs, and appropriate it for their own devious ends, you have the makings of a tyranny.

Why they didn’t go the whole hog and declare that Iranian men should just wear hot-and-sticky pergolas over their entire heads, is not clear at this stage; but one can safely assume that that horror is in the pipeline, for when men become too uppity for their god-fearing boots.

I seriously think that we should all be very concerned that a country with religious and political freaks such as these, are claiming the right to develop nuclear weaponry. I’m not comfortable thinking about those grubby fingers which page through archaic religious nonsense, being held nervously over the little red buttons that make things go ka-boom.

5 thoughts on “And so it shall come to pass; there shall be no more bad-hair days in Iran

  1. Just keep your eyes open a little. Lots of anti-Iran shit getting put out there to get public opinion at the right place in case America decides to make a move.

    • Hi DanielOdinSpore,

      My rant was meant to be anti-religious lunacy, not anti-Iran. But that last bit about nuclear capability could be construed as anti-Iran.

      Nevertheless, I still don’t think they should have nuclear weapons, same as North Korea and South Africa – we have political lunatics here.

  2. Has anyone read the Belgariad series by David Eddings? This “Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance” reminds me so much of the Grolim clerics in these books… they just barely stop short at human sacrifices… or do they? In the end the good guys win thanks to a Magical Orb. Wonder if there are any others floating about somewhere?

    • Hi Stollie,

      No, I haven’t read the Belgariad series, but these type of Ministries are reminiscent of cruel dictatorial regimes that are often written about, and make Orwell’s 1984 look tame in comparison.

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