Church should stay the hell out of government

I read with utter dismay this afternoon that our bumbling President, Jacob Zuma is contemplating allowing the Church and possibly other faith-based organizations to play a role in governing the country.

Apart from Julius Malema being appointed the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, this is the most dreadful calamity that could befall this poor country, already threatened by various religious organizations wanting to trample on our basic freedoms, and a chorus-line of politicians trampling on everything else.

The government is doing a damn fine job of fucking things up; we don’t need the Church or the clergy from any other religious sect joining in too. There is only so much tax-money that can be siphoned off from the treasury, and we don’t need any religious organizations pigging out at the same trough.

When the politicians are done screwing things up, the clerical vultures can have their turn mopping up. But for now, stay the hell out of politics!!!

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