Back to school for Malema. Bwahahaha!!!

I don’t understand why there is all this rage following the announcement of the outcome of the Julius Malema disciplinary hearing.

Why did anyone seriously think that the ANC would punish one of its own? Where have you all been for the last few years? Are you not aware that the ANC rewards failure, incompetence, ignorance, mismanagement, and off course mild indiscretions such as those perpetrated by Julius Malema. Why would you believe that the whole disciplinary process was going to be anything but a sham; window-dressing for media consumption?

I’m actually surprized that Malema was punished as harshly as he was. Being requested to attend anger management classes, make a public apology, pay a R10 000 fine, and attend political school must be really harsh on him. The last punishment alone must be excruciatingly painful for Malema, considering his widely publicized performance in school, especially the GG in Woodwork. Imagine having to be sent back to attend the very school you had a hand in starting, and publically opening.

Surely they got the anger management bit all wrong? Malema is not angry, he’s just arrogant; arrogance management classes would have been more appropriate. And for someone used to shooting off his mouth, having to make a public apology must be quite awful. I can only imagine the turmoil he must be going through.

I am feeling truly sorry for my favorite dumb-ass. Okay, I am lying, I’m actually feeling sorry for the poor people of this country who have yet again had the wool pulled over their eyes.

But I am savouring the punishments;  it’s so fucking hysterical…