Oh! Screw it!

I was about to write about the African Nationalising Corporation (ANC) and how they are liberating you of your hard earned money,  but then I realized how depressing that is, and canned the idea.

Instead I decided to focus on something happier, but this has been a really dreary Monday, right into the evening. The weather looked so promising in the morning, but then it got hot. I hate hot.

Then I found out that the Opposition Parties think that President Jacob Zuma is an abject failure. They say he’s out of his depth. Some compare him to Sarah Palin, and say he’s weak and clueless. That’s not something to gloat over; its quite alarming that Zuma is regarded with such low esteem, one year into his term of ruining the country…eh! I meant running the country!

But it’s so fucking hilarious that people think of Zuma as a clueless bimbo. It’s made my Monday…

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