If these clowns were not so damn funny…

You’ve gotta love this country. No matter how much our politicians screw up (and cover up), South Africans always manage to see the funnier side of it all. Take this cartoon in an on-line newspaper for instance; it’s fucking hilarious.

In fact, it’s so damn funny, I can’t resist having a go at the military theme myself:

  • Transport Minister – Major Pothole
  • Arts and Culture Minister – Private Parts
  • Communications Minister – Major R & R
  • Housing Minister – Major Billet
  • State Security Minister – Rear Admiral Snoopy
  • Justice Minister – Major Injustice
  • Finance Minister – Major Money-spinner
  • ANC Spokesman – Major Bullshitter
  • Rest of cabinet – might as well be AWOL

We’re so busy laughing, we’ve postponed the revolution to reclaim the country…for now.

2 thoughts on “If these clowns were not so damn funny…

  1. On reading your article about South African Politicians, i do not know what are you in terms of race, but the sound of your argument sounds like a white person who is looking for a platform to fight back on the current government. The apartheid has taken place and there is nothing anyone can do about to undo it. Give the current governement a chance to prove themselves of which i believe they are working on it by offering better services to the poor people of thi country who were nothing but underdogs during apartheid era.

    • Hi lindy

      As a matter of fact, I’m non-white, Indian to be precise. I lived through apartheid, and was affected by it as well. I’m not advocating a return to apartheid; you’ve mis-understood the post.

      The current (black) government were given a chance to prove themselves; for the last 16 years. And what have they achieved, really? The country is still divided strongly on racial lines. The poor are still no better off than under apartheid.

      All that’s changed is that this government have created a small exclusive black middle class, which consists chiefly of their cronies and extended families. This government is looting the treasury to enrich themselves, at the expense of the poor.

      If you can’t see what is happening, then you deserve what is coming your way; a country run-down after it has been stripped of its assets by the crooks in government, brutally ruled by common thugs who will make your life a misery. You may find yourself wishing apartheid were back…

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