Photo# 12: Monster spliff

This morning, on my way back from a meeting I had yesterday in Polokwane (formerly Pietersburg) in the Limpopo Province, I saw these huge bundles of grass scattered about on either side of the main highway. It appeared as if the long grass along the roadside had been freshly cut and rolled up into huge cylinders by some sort of machine.

I just had to stop and take some pictures, but it was not very comfortable stepping out from the air-conditioned comfort of my car, into the scorching heat of the African sun.

Monster spliff cut in two?

Neatly scattered grass?

Can anyone tell me what they’re used for?

4 thoughts on “Photo# 12: Monster spliff

  1. LOL love it Lenny, that is a monster spliff if there ever was one. I will promote my friends to gather enough grass to build a spliff like that at my funeral LOL

    Your words brought me much joy thank you

    peace and love

    • Hey there,

      I’m quite partial to a bit of the good stuff every couple of months or so. Haven’t had one in a while though. I think I need to find me some real soon…

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