The word of the year

I came across a new word today; not a legal word mind you, but bound to become one. It may not be uniquely South African, but is probably practiced here with the sort of aplomb that would put the rest of the world to shame. The word is:


It refers to the unsavory, highly corrupt business practice of self- enrichment through the awarding of government tenders to minions, sympathisers and government officials themselves.

The most recent ANC minion to be exposed is none other than Julius Malema, the wannabe socialist who has been demanding that mines be nationalised, but whose has secret capitalist tendencies. Why are we not surprised?

Any bet that the demand for mines to be nationalised has nothing to do with unlocking wealth for the benefit of the poor, but everything to do with the corrupt ANC-government and its cronies opening up another fat source to steal from?

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