In all fairness…

I hate having to defend dirt-bag politicians like Jacob Zuma, but in this one instance he’s been treated unfairly, especially by the media and his political opponents.

Over the last few days, Zuma’s been getting a right rollicking from all quarters over an extra-marital affair he conducted with the daughter of a close friend, which resulted in the birth of a baby girl.

You know how the media love scandals, and this one seemed to be made in heaven – the most high-profile [dirt-bag] politician in South Africa getting it on with the daughter of a mega-rich, high-profile sports administrator. All the headlines were about Zuma and his secret affair, while that infamous prat, Julius Malema received scant notice, even though he was making every effort to hog attention by voicing his incredibly gross ignorance in public again.

Extra-marital affairs happen all the time, all over the world; only a small percentage involving some type of celebrity, receive intense media attention, where after it all blows away…until the next one comes along. Zuma’s affair was with a 39-year old business-women, presumably in full control of her mental faculties, and a willing participant.  She is not some innocent victim in this mess, and should shoulder her fair share of the responsibility. And, I don’t believe his three (or is it four?) wives should have anything to complain about, seeing as how they are willingly ensconced in a polygamous relationship with him anyway. It should have been a private matter which should have been resolved amongst the various parties, with some form of punishment being meted out to Zuma [such as glueing his dick to his stomach while he sleeps, as a woman in Wisconsin did recently].

If, however, he had had an affair with a teenager, even if she was a willing participant, or [imaginary] god-forbid, a prepubescent, then the media would have had something to crow about. Hell, even I would have conveniently forgotten my aversion to violence and opposition to the death penalty, and joined the lynch-mob myself.

To his credit, Zuma did not deny the allegations, but released a media statement confirming them. He also did not try to vindicate his actions, solely by using that popular scapegoat for all human behaviour dirty and disgusting – culture. However, this does not condone his overall irresponsible behaviour in fathering his 20th child. That is not a good message for a President (even one so slimy), to be sending out to the African continent, plagued by HIV-AIDS, over-population and starving children.