The South African government – generous in taking, not in giving

What a bunch of heartless, cheap-skate bastards we have in government? Imagine the insult, pledging a lousy fucking R1-million to the humanitarian effort in Haiti, following the devastating earthquake that struck there earlier this week.

These thieving douche-bags have spent far more money on cars and other luxuries for themselves in the last few months. What do they think a paltry R1-million is going to do?

It gets worse. The SA government is harboring Jean-Bertrand Aristide, former President of Haiti, ousted in a coup in 2004, and accused of gross human rights violations and embezzlement of funds. The cost to the government (actually the taxpaying citizens) of this sanctuary is reported to be in excess of R1.5-million a month. Put into context with the pledge of aid to Haiti, this only leaves one disgusted and extremely angry.

Whatever else you can say about the ANC-led South African government, they have always been consistent in pursuing the ideals of self-interest, ever since the departure of Nelson Mandela. I wonder what he thinks of this latest insult to the people.