Malema in danger of blowing up

South Africans were confronted by the news yesterday that ANC Youth League (ANCYL) leader, Julius Malema will be provided with VIP protection guards because his life was apparently in danger. However, instead of the concern and sympathy that such news usually generates, South Africans responded largely (and rightly so) with derision and cynicism.

Let’s consider why:

  • Could it have something to do with Malema’s recent run-in with the law for speeding, where he illegally made use of flashing blue lights reserved for police officers or VIP protection officers? Is it possible that Malema (or his spin-doctors) concocted a story about death threats, that would mitigate his illegal use of the flashing blue lights on the day he was stopped for speeding recently? Is it a mere co-incidence? A large number of people familiar with the character (or lack of it) of Malema seem to think it’s no co-incidence at all.
  • Why should a member of an organization affiliated to the ruling ANC government (as opposed to governing party), who do not form part of the elected members of government, be afforded VIP protection at the taxpayers expense? Shouldn’t the ANC cover these expenses themselves from party funds? Why should the ANCYL, an organization closely resembling a bunch of delinquent boy scouts, be considered as more worthy of protection than the general public? Is it because of a recommendation by a group of public servants within the Police Ministry known as crime intelligence officers? Or are there more sinister forces at work here, taking these decisions? What are crime intelligence officers, anyway? Does the current state of rampant lawlessness in the country point to any intelligence emanating from the Police Ministry?
  • Isn’t it rather convenient for a degenerate lout who has no respect for anyone, let alone the law, to have at his disposal the services of a VIP protection unit, to flagrantly speed through the streets of South Africa, looking like an important prick politician, so reminiscent of dictatorships the world over?
  • Assuming that the death threats are real, is it not true that he brought this state of affairs upon himself, by threatening on an almost daily basis, big business, opposition political parties, institutions of learning, the media and even ordinary people alike, with anarchy and mayhem should they not adhere to his warped sense of morality? Why should we now protect this loud-mouth fool?

The thing is, Malema is probably more in danger of  blowing himself  up, through the gaseous build-up of methane from all that ignorant bullshit he is so full of, than being in danger from any opponent. And, an even greater probability is that the ANC government are just trying to screw the South African public over once more. This is just another opportunity to defraud us, the taxpayers, to keep their cronies happy, and in their back pockets.

We should resist this latest attempt to swindle us, with everything at our disposal. And I’m not ruling out using the same anarchy and mayhem that Julius and his unruly youth league cohorts have threatened to unleash on us, on many an occasion.

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