On the Anniversary of Human Madness

The anniversary yesterday, of the destruction of the WTC  Twin Towers in New York by religious fundamentalists, passed with little worldwide fuss.Eight years after people of faith reached  an all-time new low in the war of religious domination, the bombings and mayhem continue with no sign of abating. Only now, the religious war is driven largely by political ideology as well as hatred.

As I sit here watching endless documentaries on television about those moments of madness on September 11, 2001, I am more convinced than ever that religion does not belong in the public domain. Those wishing to practice strange rituals and believe strange things, should only do so in the privacy of their homes.

Will we ever return to the day when faith moved only imaginary mountains, instead of real-life high-rise building? Will history speculate that faith caused the end of human civilization? After we’re all gone, will it matter?